We get hundreds of inquiries each month asking for over-the-phone or email appraisals of silver. WE CANNOT APPRAISE YOUR SILVER WITHOUT SEEING IT. There are many reasons we can't help you - sizes and pieces can be confused, and more importantly, "condition" can mean very different things to two different people. It basically boils down to how easily a mistake could be made, resulting in your silver being undervalued.

The best way to find out the value of your silver is to have it professionally appraised. There is a fee for this - it covers the cost of research and preparing a report for you. The appraiser has to actually see and handle your silver to give an accurate assessment of its value. To find an appraiser, check your yellow pages, ask local antique dealers for references, visit the Appraisers Association of America website, or attend a local antique show and get advice from dealers handling silver.

We commonly get asked if silver is worth what our website says. If the condition of your silver is similar to ours, you could use our prices as a basis for insurance replacement value. The theory being, if your silver was stolen and you replaced it with silver purchased from us, this is what it would cost.